Testimonials – Sweta Singh, NLSIU Bangalore (Class of 2014)

“Clear the Bar provides a comprehensive course tailored to suit the needs and requirements of AIBE aspirants. The course contains detailed modules on each and every subject that is a part of the AIBE syllabus. The best part about Clear the Bar is that they update the materials every six months so that the latest amendments are included in the study materials. The list of compulsory carry-in materials (including Bar & Breezers) is also extremely helpful and will cover 75% of the syllabus. I believe if you religiously follow Clear the Bar’s two-week study plan and practice their mock tests, you will be able to score good marks in the AIBE. I strongly recommend the course to all AIBE aspirants.”

Five tips to clear the bar

The AIBE can be easily cracked with the right skills and attitude. Here are five useful tips that will come handy in clearing the bar exam.

1 The AIBE is all about managing your time

2 Familiarize with past year papers & AIBE syllabus

3 Know your bare acts!

4 Identify the study materials

5 Attempt all questions


Welcome to Clear the Bar!
India’s most trusted online course for the All India Bar Exam (AIBE)

We have created an AIBE 2017/18 Study Group on Whatsapp for students to discuss about the AIBE preparation. Ping us now on 9619891536 to join the Group.

Message from the Founder

Harish Goel, XLRI Grad
& Founder, Clear the Bar

“Those who have taken the AIBE will tell you that the exam is not a stroll in the park. The mistake that most AIBE aspirants make is they do not prepare for the exam thinking that it is an open book exam. Some even think that they can sit in groups, do a bit of team work during the 3-hour test, and solve most of the questions. But the dipping success rate shows that this approach is misdirected.

If you are preparing for the upcoming AIBE, then Clear the Bar is the right course for you. We will tell you in as few words as possible, what information and skills you need to pass the exam such as the way in which the exam is conducted, excellent tips on how to prepare and pass the exam, what law materials to carry in the examination hall and what kinds of questions you should expect in the exam.

The reason why AIBE aspirants say they cannot live without Clear the Bar is that we provide the most comprehensive course to crack the exam at a very affordable price. We know that most of the AIBE aspirants work full-time and as such we have tailored our preparatory materials in such a way that aspirants only focus on what matters the most in a time-effective manner.

The materials and practice papers have been designed by graduates of NUJS, Kolkata and NLSIU, Bangalore. Most of the materials have been prepared under the guidance and supervision of Professors teaching at top Law Schools in India, clearly indicative of the course’s quality and worth. No other course provider brings as much on the table as we do when it comes to AIBE preparation.

You can try some of our free materials to get a hang of the AIBE (see below). I also recommend that you read our ‘Beginner’s Guide to AIBE’ before you start your preparations. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at + 91 9619891536″ 

Why Clear the Bar is for you

Unparalleled content

The course is designed by NUJS and NLSIU graduates under the guidance of Professors from top law schools. We walk the extra mile to update our materials biannually to bring them into line with the amendments made to the various laws and regulations that are a part of the AIBE syllabus. Bar & Breezers contains a one-page overview of the entire bare legislation for each and every legislation that is a part of the AIBE syllabus.

Your time is always of essence

We know that as full-time lawyers, AIBE aspirants are always pressed for time. We will try to remain at your disposal (at times, even in the wee hours of the day) to ensure that you get the most of our course in a timely manner. Our Bar Buddy product will help you in connecting with us over Skype so that you can get expert access during the course of your preparation.

Pass or free!

We believe that those who take our course will clear the bar exam, but in the rare event that you do take the course and fail the exam for any reason including but not limited to health reasons, we shall provide you in certain circumstances a refund of the fee paid to gain access to the course.

It is user friendly

The entire system, right from the enrolment to the examination, is user friendly. You will get immediate access to the materials and can start preparing for the exam from date of enrolment.

It is affordable

We have priced the course in such a way that almost everyone can benefit from it. Besides the affordable pricing, we provide discounts of up to 10 percent for referrals.


What we offer

Platinum (Rs 3,499)
Gold (Rs 2,499)
Silver (Rs 1,499)
Bar Buddy*
Carry In Materials
Analysis of past year papers
Main Modules
Bar & Breezers  
(One statute, one page)
Mock Tests
Last Day Tips
*Free Skype consultation. Not included in course fees.

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Don’t make these mistakes

The AIBE is not as easy as you think. Remember, a lot of students fail in the exam and it is very important that you try and avoid the most common mistakes that students make in the exam.


1 Taking the AIBE casually thinking it's an open book exam

2 Not practicing enough

3 Aiming to cover 100% of AIBE syllabus

4 Going to exam hall without study materials

5 Excessive reliance on external help in exam

6 Not attempting all questions


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